Single women are more prone to die from heart disease


Single women are more prone to die from heart diseaseGood news for women who are married. A recent study revealed that married women have smaller risk of death from heart disease than single women. But unfortunately it does not apply to the risk of getting heart disease.

These results were obtained after researchers looked at data from 734,626 women, with average age of 60 years who were part of the Million Women Study. Initially all participants were safe from heart disease, cancer, and stroke. Furthermore, researchers calculated the risk of death of women who are married and compared it with women who have not been married for 8.8 years.

After 8.8 years,approximately 30,747 women admitted to have been hospitalized or died from heart disease. Researchers then found that the risk of death from heart disease in women who are married is 28 percent lower compared to women are not married, as reported by the Huffington Post.

Unmarried women in this study includes women who are single, divorced, or widowed. The results remained the same even after the researchers took into account other factors such as social and economic levels. So, what causes married women to be healthier?

” This could be influenced by the couple. A married woman can maintain their health more compared to single or divorced woman,” said the researchers.

Researchers emphasized that this study is one approach that shows the link between marital status with a woman’s health, while other studies usually focus more on men. What do you think about these results? Do you agree that marital status will affect the cardiovascular health of women?

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