Sitting Cross-legged, Can it Cause Problems to Your Health?



Sitting for a long period of time is known of being unhealthy for your body. It can increase the risk for dozens of chronic conditions, cancer and diabetes as well as cardiovascular disease. It was even mentioned that sitting too long could be deadly.

But what about crossing your legs when you sit. Of course it is obvious that many women tend to cross their legs when they sit especially in public areas. Not only does it look elegant, but will indeed cover parts when they wear a skirt. So does sitting crossed-legs while sitting adds to the problems already mentioned above? An expert on this matter, Naresh C. Rao, a doctor of osteopathic medicine dispels some popular myths.

There are a lot of buzz about how sitting crossed-legs can cause varicose veins. But Dr. Rao who is also a clinical instructor at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City, said he had yet to find studies that prove this correlation.

“Varicose veins tend to be hereditary caused by age or obesity,” said Dr. Rao, as reported by Fox News.

And what about hypertension? Many believe that there maybe a link between the two. Well, Dr. Rao explained that there is a relationship between prolonged sitting and an increase in blood pressure among people who already suffer from hypertension.

“But sitting cross-legged do not lead to the development of hypertension,” said Dr. Rao.

However, despite it not being linked with some diseases and conditions already mentioned above, crossing your legs is not a good ergonomic position for your pelvis.

Your upper knee will put pressure on your lower knees, while your pelvis is rotated and tensed. Your knees bent at an angle and your lower back also gives a bit of torque (the ability to perform rotational motion).

“You may end up with a sore back. I would not say you will end up with knee pain, but if you already have knee pain, the twisting and bending position will make it worse,” he concluded.