Six Myths About Health


fever icebagHave you heard of myths about health? Usually these people hear these myths from their parents or grandparents. The myth grows because of the folklore, and also from fears that occurred in the past.

Most myths can not be proven scientifically, but still believed to be true by us. Here are some myths about health according to AskMen.

1. Bad weather brings a fever (not true)
When you are caught in the rain, your body feels chills and fever. Most people guess the fever comes from bad weather. That’s wrong. Fever disease is not derived from the bad weather. Fever and flu are caused by infection.

Germs are usually obtained when you shake hands with others, holding the handle of the door, reading the newspaper. Then you touch your nose without realizing it, you also cover your mouth when sneezing. That is what caused your fever. The immune system is less effective against this germ. One test also showed that fevers occurs more in tropical regions.

2. Keep food during fever (true)
Most doctors believe in treating a fever can be done by regulating food intake. Therefore, the food warms the body and fluids reduce the heat of the body .

Some scientists from the Netherlands conducted a study of dietary patterns and found some surprising results. Difference approach (liquid diet, a diet of water, and diet of food) turned out to activate different immune. Based on the study, eventually doctors recommend when you feel hungry, get food, do not let yourself starve.

3. The more overweight, the less healthy (false)
If the myth is considered correct, it means that the slimmer someone is, the healthier the person is. Nothing is true about both phrase. People who constantly reduce weight in indicated to suffer from anorexia, malnutrition and lack of vitamins, and various other diseases.

Indeed some diseases are acquired because of being overweight. But, it is not true if said, the greater the weight, the more unhealthy someone is. For that, body weight increases out of control, it is best to exercise regularly.

4. Radiation causes cancer (false)
It is true that radiation is related cancer, but it does not necessarily causes the cancer itself. If radiation occurs in low levels and exists in everyday life, it will not be enough to damage the human body cells permanently. Because the body has the ability to repair damaged cells on its own. However, if the radiation that occurs is in a very high level, it can be fatal.

5. Low-fat foods are healthy (false)
Low-fat diet and a healthy diet is not the same. Most people think if you apply a low-fat diet, it means that you implement a healthy lifestyle. That is wrong because the body needs fat.

If you want to live more healthy, it is very easy. Eat fresh foods without being processed earlier and consume enough fruits and vegetables.

6. Putting ice bag on the forehead lowers fever (false)
It has become customary to put an ice bag on the forehead when suffering from a fever. Most people believe it will reduce body heat. However the head and face are sensitive part of the body in changes in body temperature. Although it makes you quite comfortable, this myth is not a solution to cure a fever.