Six Secrets of Longevity


secrets of longevityToday, not many people could live to the age of 100 years old. A new research says that the comparison is only one of six people who can achieve it.

People who can reach the age of a century, according to the study, are those who have healthy lifestyles, such as diet and follow good medical care.

Well, do you also want to have a chance to live to 100 years or more? Follow the simple tricks according to the Daily Mail.

Have a dog
People who have dogs live longer and healthier than those who do not, according to a psychologist at Queen’s University, Belfast. It is estimated that the presence of pets can help us handle stress.

U.S. researchers also found that just by stroking a dog, then the blood pressure will drop by 10 percent to normal conditions.

Another benefit is with a dog, you certainly will often take them on a walk in an open environment. Thus, you do exercise as well as to lower bad cholesterol.

The less time you spend to sit, then the longer the period of your life. A U.S. study found that women who spend time just to sit for more than six hours a day have the risk of premature death which is increased to 37 percent when compared with those who sit less than three hours.

Sitting position slows your metabolism, which in turn can cause obesity. But if you get up every half hour, it could reduce the adverse effects of sitting too long, said Professor Stuart Biddle, a sports psychologist at Loughborough University.

Scientists at Warwick University found that men and women who are married, will experience a decreased risk of premature death, compared to those who are single.

“This happened because they became happier after marriage. The feeling of safety has also increased. So they will be more relaxed in their life,” says Dearbhla McCullough, a psychologist at Roehampton University, London.

Got to the church at least once a week can help you live longer. This was said by psychiatrists at Duke University in the United States.

Because, they will tend to avoid cigarettes and alcohol. Instead, they will increase exercise and keep marriage remained happy.

Being rich or at least well off in terms of material will help trigger the release of a hormone called DHEAS (or dehydroepiandrosterone / associated with living longer), said researchers from University College London. Even so, we recommend that you do not get infatuated with wealth.

U.S. researchers have found, parents who likes to help and are generous to others, actually lower the risk of premature death. Perhaps this is because they are not too burdened with the feeling of stress.

Positive Thinking
From a study conducted in the Netherlands on 1,000 men and women aged 65-85 years old, it is known that those who are always positive about their future and social relations, is likely to have lower premature death of up to 55 percent.