Six Sources of Carbohydrates that Make you Slim


banana weight lossFor years, foods containing carbohydrates is quite frightening for women who desire a slim body. Rice, bread, pasta, potatoes are considered foods that contain carbohydrates and cause obesity.

However, now you no longer need to worry about getting fat, if tempted to eat carbohydrates. According to the method of diet in the book ‘The Lover’s Diet Carb’ written by health editor and diet expert, Ellen Kunes, there is a technique so that carbohydrates can help you eat less and burn more calories.

In this diet method, Ellen would recommend to eat spaghetti and potatoes. Although contrary to the rules of diet, research shows that not all carbs are bad. In fact, some carbonated foods contain a substance called resistant starch. This substance, when consumed in large quantities actually works actively to encourage weight loss.

Resistant starch are found in foods such as bananas, wheat, beans and potatoes. They are called resistant starch because it is useful to help the process of metabolism in the body.

The starch goes through the digestive system almost intact, producing fatty acids that stimulate the enzyme melting fat, especially in the abdominal area, encourages the liver to burn fat, maintain muscle mass triggering metabolism hormone and increase satiety.

According to the Daily Mail, a U.S. study found that there are many bad effects of low-carbohydrate diets. On average, women who ate low-carb foods have a poorer memory than those who were still eating carbohydrates.

Frances Largeman-Roth, who is also the author of The Lover’s Diet Carb say, guarantee of weight loss with this method is faster but can provide long-term effects. Ellen and Roth believes the Atkins diet, by eating low-carb method is difficult to follow, unnatural and ineffective in the long term. According to him, body and brain have evolved to eat starchy foods and can not be detained.

Kunes and Largeman-Roth has been designing and testing diets that promise weight loss without rejection of these carbohydrates, by relying on the resistant starch. They cite over 200 studies at top universities around the world. Conclusion of a lot of resistant starch researches is an effective appetite suppressant and rise metabolism.

Research at the University of Surrey found that the consumption of resistant starch in a meal causes people to consume 10 percent fewer calories the following day, because they are not too hungry. On average, women consume about 150 to 200 calories.

Another study showed that the resistant starch increased fat-burning enzyme activity and reduce fat storage enzyme activity. This means, abdominal fat cells are less active to capture and store calories as fat.

The results show, that adding resistant starch at breakfast is enough to scrape the fat in the body. This allows you to burn nearly 25 percent more calories per day.

Most of us naturally consume about 4.8 grams of resistant starch daily. However, the authors believe that increased intake of resistant starch to ten times, to 15 grams a day, is enough to trigger weight loss faster.

“If the diet was conducted over seven days, we guarantee weight can come down more quickly.”

Here are six carbohydrate foods that contain resistant starch, and can make the body more slim:

1. Banana
Bananas are the richest source of resistant starch. They are also rich in fiber and contain tryptophan appetite-suppressing amino acid. The substances will be converted into a serotonin calming chemical to the brain to help you be more relaxed and improve your mood.

2. Nuts
Nearly half the starch derived from nuts, which are also rich in fiber. A study in Canada found that people who eat nuts regularly, tend to decrease their weight and have a smaller waist. The possibility of weight gain to be reduced as much as 23 percent.

3. Potatoes
In addition to containing fiber and resistant starch, potato is a natural source of proteinase inhibitor. Namely natural chemicals that enhance satiety hormones and suppress appetite.

4. Polenta
It is cornstarch which is cooked naturally. Contains a high resistant starch, is also rich in fiber and contains protein.

5. Brown rice
Brown rice is digested by the body more slowly than white rice. So it makes you full longer. A study also found that blood sugar levels are 24 percent lower in people who eats brown rice rather than those who eat white rice.

6. Barley
This type of wheat is rich in resistant starch and contain fiber that can reduce appetite and help digestion.