Skin cancer is not only caused by the sun!


Skin cancer is not only caused by the sunTalking about skin cancer, many people would think that the only cause of skin cancer is the sun. UVA and UVB rays of the sun can indeed improve the rustle of skin cancer, but not all skin cancers are caused by the sun.

Several other things can also cause skin cancer, such as tattoos, certain chemicals, such as tanning-bed technology, or certain diseases. Researchers uncover some other things that can increase the risk of skin cancer, as reported by U.S. News (21/06), below.

1. Fluorescent lamps
Eco-friendly light bulbs actually contains ultraviolet rays. But this is not a problem because there are layers to the bulb. Even so, if there is a hole in the layer, the UV rays can bust out. A study showed that this kind of lamp can produce UV light, although no studies have found a link with skin cancer and this lamp.

2. Previous radiation
Skin that has been exposed to radiation treatment or for some other types of cancer have a higher risk of developing skin cancer, according to the American Cancer Society.

3. Parkinson’s disease
A study in the Archives of Neurology found that Parkinson’s patients have a high risk of developing melanoma, a form of skin cancer. Research suspected that genes causing Parkinson’s disease can increase the risk of skin cancer.

4. Smoke
The research also found an association between smoking link with skin cancer. Two studies found that cell skin cancer is more prevalent in smokers compared with nonsmokers.

5. Exposure to chemicals
Exposure to chemicals can be obtained from work or other wrought. One is arsenic found in many industrial fertilizer pesticides, and other chemicals such as paraffin, tar, and other. Research suggests that the chemicals can increase the risk of non-melanoma skin cancer.

6. Driving
Study found that skin cancer is more commonly found on the left side of the body due to the time spent driving.  Because the left side of the body is much more exposed to sunlight.

Those are a few other things besides sunlight that can increase the risk of skin cancer. Do not just be aware of the sun, you also have to pay attention to the things above in order to avoid skin cancer.