Skin Wrinkles Are Signs of Fragile Bones


skin wrinklesFacial wrinkles is one of the main enemy for women. Fine lines are more obvious as the age increases, is considered one of the most damaging thing of beauty.

The scientists warn that the wrinkles on the face not just marks the age. Wrinkles on the face also suggests that the bones are getting more fragile. Possibility of osteoporosis increases.

Researchers from Yale School of Medicine in the United States studied 114 women with ages in their 40’s and early 50’s who has gone through menopause. Not including those who use botox or other beauty procedures.

The researchers calculated the number of wrinkles in 11 points on the cheek and neck, and measured its depth. They also noted the firmness of skin on the forehead and cheeks, and measured bone density using X-rays.

As a result, women who have most wrinkles, have the most fragile bone. “We found that the wrinkles on the skin are associated with bone density,” said researcher Lubna Pal, an expert in sex hormones, according to the Daily Mail.

“The deeper the wrinkles, bone density decreases. Depending on the age that also affects bone mass,” she said.

According to Pal, bone and skin needs collagen to maintain its shape. Decrease in collagen production as you age will lead to sagging skin and wrinkles, also reduces the quality and quantity of bone.

“The intensity of the wrinkles on the skin can also identify the possibility of fractures in organs, especially the hips, and fatal injuries in the elderly.” she said.

Osteoporosis or bone loss affects approximately three million people in the UK. This condition leads to fragility of the spine, wrist, and hips.

Previous studies have found that the wrinkles begins to haunt when entering the age of 20 years old. Reaches its peak at the age of the 40s. At the age of 28 years, the wrinkles increases 56 percent compared to the age of 20 years. Wrinkles rose 73 percent at age of 48 years.