Sleep with bright lights make you fat?


Sleep with bright lights make you fat

Many people deliberately put a thin curtain so that they are easier to wake up early in the morning. But did you know that it can also make you fat.

A study found that sleeping with light that is too bright also can increase the likelihood of obesity in women. High light exposure during sleep increases the body mass index (BMI) and waist size of a women, as reported by the Daily Mail.

These results were obtained after the researchers observations of 113,000 women in the UK. They followed the participants for 40 years to identify the main causes of breast cancer. Obesity is one risk factor that could trigger breast cancer.

“Metabolism is influenced by body rhythm cycles associated with light exposure, sleep and waking. We found a link between exposure to light at night and obesity. Yet, until now we have not found the reason for the association,” said researcher Professor Anthony Swerdlow of The Institute of Cancer Research in London.

Because all the information is acquired simultaneously, the researchers could not find a link between exposure sequence with obesity. However, their findings together and remain consistent with previous research linking exposure to metabolism. Even so researchers believe that further research need to be done.

This study does show a link between exposure to light during sleep with obesity. But that does not mean sleeping in a completely dark room prevents obesity. This is not the only study that looked at the link between exposure to the metabolism. Previous researchers from Ohio State University also indicate that exposure to light at night is related to body weight, body fat, and glucose.