Sleeping 8 hours a Day Makes Women Look More Beautiful


woman sleepingThere are many health benefits which people can obtain if they have enough time to sleep and rest. Especially for women, the benefits not only prevent various kinds of diseases but also can make them look more beautiful.

This fact was revealed in a research conducted by experts from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. The research which was published in the British Medical Journal involved 23 women participants with relatively young ages.

On the first day of the experiment, participants were asked to sleep at 11 AM and set the alarm to wake up at 7 the next morning. So they slept for 8 hours, then the participants faces were photographed as it is without using makeup and hairdo.

The next day, the participants sleep was reduced to 5 hours. To make sure no one exceeds the time specified, all experiments were performed in a laboratory under the supervision of experts.

The photos taken at the first and second experiment were shown to a group of men who will give an assessment about the beauty of participants. The most interesting photographs were scored 10 and the worst’s score is 1.

Apparently, the photos taken after sleeping for 8 hours tend to get a higher score than the ones after sleeping only 5 hours. Previously.

“The impression of being tired and unhealthy due to lack of sleep can appear on the face and will reduce beauty,” wrote the researchers in their report, according to Dailymail.

This finding confirms the result of previous studies that concluded that sleep deprivation may accelerate the emergence of wrinkles, especially in the face and neck. This means that the impact of sleep deprivation for beauty does not only happen in the long term, but can also appear immediately after waking up.