Sleeping with the Lights On Could Make You Fat


sleeping with lights onWho would have thought that too much exposure to light at night can make the body weight increases. Light from lamps according to a research conducted by a team from Ohio State University, have a bad impact on the body’s metabolic processes.

Researchers found that mice exposed to dim light at night for eight-week weighs about 50 percent more than the other mice who are in the dark. The influence lies in the system which slows down metabolism.

“Although there are no differences in activity levels of food consumption, mice living in light are fatter. The light at night makes them want to eat or get hungry at the wrong time to reorganize their metabolic system,” said Laura Foken, head of the research.

According to Laura if this also occurs in humans, it could be a clue to find the trigger  of obesity in western countries. Light at night is expected to become one of the triggers of obesity that is not widely known.

Other triggers could be related to sleeping with the television or computer still on. It would be better if you sleep in the dark, turn off the electronic equipments in the room including your cell phone.

This will help you sleep more soundly without interruption. Lack of sleep or bad sleep quality can indeed affect the metabolic processes in the body that have an impact on increased body weight.

Source: nytimes