Slim avatars help women reduce weight


Virtual games like ‘The Sims’ or ‘SecondLife’ is often just seen as entertainment. When in fact, the game with avatars or alter-ego can help women lose weight.

Research at the University of Missouri found that people who like games with avatars or virtual alter-ego can be affected by the behavior of their in-game avatar. Suppose if their avatars diligently exercise or eat healthier, they will also be infected.

“Having an avatar or alter-ego in the game makes one dare try new appearance, personality, and behavior without having to change themselves,” explained lead researcher Elizabeth Behm-Morawitz.

“Avatar and alter ego can have a positive effect. People who want to quickly trim could use a slim avatar and apply a healthy life,” she added, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

The study observed 279 users of ‘SecondLife’ virtual game. They were asked to complete a questionnaire about their relationship with their avatar and relationships online. In addition, they were also asked to explain the health, behavior, emotions, and the appearance of their avatar.

The result known is that people who feel ‘connected’ to the avatar can get a good effect. Avatar appearance can affect how users behave. So is the social life and healthy lifestyle adopted by the avatar.

For further research Behm-Morawitz will see the effect of avatar in the virtual world on racial tolerance. Race, gender, and ethnicity of a person can be made in the virtual world and conditioned to see a trend of discrimination and prejudice.

So, if you want to become slim, create avatars or alter-ego that is slim. Who knows you’ll be influenced.