Smart People Are Happier?


Are you happy with the life you live today? If the answer is yes, it could be that you are a person with high intelligence.

Researchers from University College London believe that intelligent people are generally happier than those who are less intelligent. This conclusion is the result of a research on nearly 7,000 office workers in the UK.

According to Genius Beauty, the people who have high intelligence (IQ), between 120-129 are most satisfied with their lives. Of this group, 43 percent said that they are not only happy, but very happy. While people who have an IQ ranging from 70-79 more often complain of failure and misery.

According to scientists, this can be explained in a simple way. Most of people’s perception of the world and life is very dependent on the level of their income and social status.

People who hold higher positions generally have wealth and status. However, those with low IQ usually ever becomes a leader.