Smartphone games can relieve stress and anxiety!


smartphonePlaying games on a smartphone  all day or while walking is certainly not a good habit, and may even be harmful. However, recent studies reveal that playing games on smartphones can also give a good impact on mental health.

A recent study found that playing games on a smartphone can help relieve anxiety or stress. This method can even be therapeutic for people who have moderate to high levels of anxiety every day, as reported by the Huffington Post.

These results were obtained after researchers conducted a study of 75 people who have high levels of anxiety. Participants were asked to play a game on iPod Touch for 25 to 45 minutes. The games played is certainly is not arbitrary, but the game is called attention – bias modification training.

The game makes people who are anxious to focus on things like relaxed face that looks happy and make them ignore bad things like angry looking faces. This exercise is known to decrease anxiety in participants.

Later researchers found that participants who play games experienced lower anxiety compared to those who did not play games. They also found that although playing in a short time, games are able to reduce levels of anxiety and stress.

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