Smelling the aroma of bread Makes People More Friendly


bread aroma friendly peopleA new study from the University of Southern Brittany, France found that the aroma of bread, cakes and pastries that are baked fresh not only stimulates one’s appetite but also encourage people to become friendly, especially to strangers.

Researchers suspect there are some certain types of scents that can trigger a positive mood and encourage someone to come up with the behavior of altruism or unconditional concern given for the benefit of someone else.

To verify the findings, the researchers recruited eight young men and women as volunteers who were asked to stand outside a bakery or boutique clothing.

Then the volunteers were asked to pretend to look for something in their bag when there are people passing by. Deliberately volunteers were also asked to drop gloves, handkerchief or a tissue in front of the people who passed it.

After repeated by more than 400 times, the researchers found that when volunteers dropped something outside the bakery then 77 percent of people passing by would stop and help find the ‘missing items’ to return the goods to the original owners who are volunteers.

But outside of a clothing boutique, only 52 percent of people who pass by are willing to help the volunteers.

Even so, researchers say other scents that are considered fun for many people also can trigger the same behavior.

“Our findings show that in general the behavior spontaneously to give aid would be more commonly found in places where there is a pleasant aroma. Experiments also ensures the role of food with delightful aroma of the high and low altruism of a person,” said the researcher, as quoted from zeenews.