Smiling is Beautiful and Healthy


baby smileThe relationship between body and mind is apparently very close. Because, if the mind is always influenced by negative things, then the body will unable to work optimally.

This is the conclusion of a research reported by several researchers from Columbia University some time ago. The University gives  research results recommendation that an effective simple way for the body can work optimally is to smile.

Believe it, even when you are reluctant to do so, the smile process had happened in the body. The results of their research on the study relating to the connection between feelings of joy and heart health, found that faking smile or try to keep happy will maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.

Doctor Karina Davidson and her colleagues from Columbia University Medical Center has been measuring the level of happiness  of a person, which later is associated with age, sex and smoking habits of each person.

As a result, those with higher happiness scale apparently has lower potential for heart disease. Therefore, start now guard your heart condition with a routine that is fun and don’t forget to smile.