Smokers are not good parents?


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Recent research conducted by pharmaceutical company Pfizer, found that parents who smoke are less concerned about their children.

A survey reported by the Daily Mail (22/7) found that mothers and fathers who are addicted to nicotine will reduce Christmas gift, buy fewer clothes and even let their children eat less to fund their daily habit.

The research was conducted by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer as part of the ‘Don’t Go Cold Turkey’ and involving 6,271 smokers about how they could still fund the smoking habits in tough economic times.

The startling results of this survey proves that parents who smoke will do everything they can to satisfy their addiction, including by reducing the quality of life for their children. 20 percent of respondents admitted that they rarely buy their children things they need or buy clothing and cheaper quality goods.

And 17 percent of them claimed to have reduced the supply of food and drinks for their children, 35 percent of respondents reducing the allowance of their children, and 20 percent said they even cut off funds for Christmas gifts or for a child’s birthday so that they could buy cigarettes.

And nearly 65 percent of those surveyed admitted to feeling under financial pressure and 50 percent said they were worried about the debt that can still run the smoking habit. And a large number of smokers admitted engaging in dishonorable behavior, such as stealing and being dishonest to fund their bad habits.