Smokers Become More Happy After Quitting


quit smokingMost people smoke to reduce anxiety when experiencing stress. But researchers actually found that quitting smoking can make you feel happier, and the effect will be felt as long as they manage to stop the habit.

This was concluded based on the result of a research by a research team from Brown University and the University of Southern California, USA. In conclusion quitting using tobacco may have the effect of reducing stress and also improve feelings.

“If someone stops smoking, the symptoms of depression will decrease. If this condition icomes back, then his mood will make it feel better. This is the same as what antidepressants do,” said Professor Christopher Kahler of Brown University, according to dailymail.

Researchers involved 236 men and women who tries to quit smoking. These participants receive counseling and determine the date when they begin to stop. Furthermore, depressive symptoms of these participants were tested a week before they stop and 2, 8, 16 and 28 weeks after quitting smoking.

Researchers found that people who successfully quit smoking are the most happy and have a constant mood. While participants who only temporarily stop will feel a happy mood just at the time they did not smoke.

“The assumption which has been trusted by the public is the possibility of cigarettes to have antidepressant properties, so if they stop it can trigger a depression. But the results  found was the opposite,” said Professor Kahler.

According to Prof. Kohler, the result is quite surprising, because in people who just stopped temporarily, still reported a reduction of depressive symptoms felt. This result correlate well with another study done in 2002, that is a smoker could end up being depressed.

It is not easy indeed to make a smoker successfully stop the habit, especially if they are included as heavy smokers. But there are various ways you can do to stop smoking, whether that means a common or an unusual way.