Smoking actually triggers obesity!


Smoking actually triggers obesity

Many people eat less and choose to smoke to suppress appetite and maintain weight. This method is considered effective to prevent obesity and keep their body remains slim. Many studies also reveal that people who quit smoking typically will experience weight gain. But all these assumptions was not true.

A recent study showed that young women who smoke can actually gain weight, even three times more often than women who do not smoke, as reported by the Daily Mail (03/03).

The survey revealed that many young women say that they smoke to control weight. Therefore, researchers wanted to test whether smokers experienced a weight loss or whether cigarettes can indeed be used for weight control.

Researchers then observed 400 young women in Oregon research Institute in the United States for two years. They found that smokers experienced a weight gain more than people who do not smoke.

In this study, the researcher has considered a variety of factors, ranging from experienced parental obesity, genetic, and others. Results of a study published in the journal Appetite is then ‘challenging’ assumption many people who use cigarettes as a means to control their weight.

Even so, researchers will conduct further research to determine why smoking can cause weight gain. Researchers will conduct research on a larger scale participants.