Smoking, addiction that is most difficult to stop?


fruits and vegetables helps stop smokingA research conducted by the British Heart Foundation found that 82 percent of smokers have failed to try to stop in one stage.

The average smoker has failed four times before they was stopped and nearly a quarter of them have tried many times and finally gave up. Despite the decline in the number of smokers in the UK, 20 percent of smokers say that they can not stop.

From 2,010 smokers surveyed, more than one in ten people said they were desperate to beat the addiction. The study found that 40 percent of smokers have tried 4-21 times to quit.

“Each year more than 100,000 smokers die from their addiction,” said Dr Mike Knapton, Associate Medical Director for the BHF, as reported by the Daily Mail (12/3).

Addictions can be very difficult to stop and the smokers feel really desperate to stop. According to experts, smokers really just do not know how to begin to stop.

The report also revealed that a quarter of smokers are more motivated to quit for financial reasons and not because of health benefits.

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