Smoking Can Also Cause Hearing Loss


Smoking Can Also Cause Hearing LossDangers of smoking can spread. After cancer, heart and respiratory problems like as written in any packaging, cigarette also have a negative impact on hearing.

Studies on this subject was conducted by researchers from the United States as published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. From 3,000 survey respondents, 70 percent of them who were recorded as smokers suffered from hearing loss.

The study concluded that the risk of hearing loss increases with the number of cigarettes smoked per day. This means that an increase may occur in proportion to a certain intensity.  also conducted a separate survey. They found similar results. That the chemicals in cigarette smoke affect the conduction mechanism in the middle of the inner ear. Not only that, these chemicals can also adversely affect the inner ear, and hair cells located in the cochlea.

Hazardous chemical in question is nicotine, which can also impair cognitive brain systems.

According to the study, in smokers aged 48 to 59 years, the prevalence of hearing loss affected approximately 25.9 percent. While in former smokers 22.7 percent. And chances to be exposed to second-hand smoke is as much as 1.94 times.