Smoking cannabis makes people more lazy


Smoking cannabis makes people more lazyNot only affects physical health, smoking marijuana/cannabis can also make people more lazy and reduces their motivation, according to a recent research. Researchers found that cannabis can affect parts of the brain that deals with the problem of motivation.

Previous research shows that smoking cannabis can make a person become apathetic. While current research indicates that cannabis can destroy dopamine, the chemical in the brain that makes people excited.

The amount of dopamine in the brain called the striatum are seen lower in cannabis users. This is what makes cannabis users become more lazy, because dopamine-related motivation in a person.

“The results of our findings explain why marijuana makes people just sit and not do anything. This could also explain why marijuana users does not seem to have the motivation to do anything,” said Dr. Michael Bloomfield from Imperial College London, as reported by the Daily Mail (01/07 ).

Although this research was conducted on the users who experience strange sensations and feeling paranoid when using marijuana, but the researchers argue that these results also apply to most marijuana users. Even so, they will do more research to confirm these results.

Previous research found that marijuana users have a higher risk of mental illness associated with schizophrenia. It is believed to be related to the dopamine chemical that exist in the brains of cannabis users.