Smoking E-cigarettes increase addiction?


Smoking E-cigarettes increase addictionE-cigarette is often used as an alternative for smokers. E-cigarette is seen as a more healthy way of smoking because it does not cause smoke and reduce the intake of nicotine inhaled by smokers. But a recent study shows that e-cigarettes actually delivers more nicotine and causes smokers to continue being addicted.

This study shows that e-cigarette users is currently increasing from 10 percent in 2010 to 21 percent in 2011. Usually the e-cigarette users are smokers or people who have never smoked.

Most people use e-cigarettes to quit smoking and reduce nicotine inhaled. But until now it is not known whether the e-cigarette can meet those expectations.

“There are a lot of things not knownabout these products, whether e-cigarettes can really eliminate smoking addiction or not,” said the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Tom Frieden.

Because it does not produce smoke, e-cigarette is usually allowed for use in public places. This triggers the use of e-cigarette is more often done than regular cigarettes that can not be used in public places because they interfere with comfort. This is recognized by one of e-cigarette users in Queens.

“Because I can smoke anywhere, I ended up smoking more often. Thought the e-cigarette can stop the habit, but it was just the opposite. I smoke more often,” said Eric Cyre, as reported by the NY Daily News (13/03).

Preliminary research conducted on e-cigarette shows that e-cigarette users inhale even more nicotine than regular smoking. Especially for people who are originally non-smokers.

“Depending on how much you inhale. You can still get the nicotine or other harmful toxins from e-cigarette. Electronic Cigarette is actually not a good strategy without risk,” said Dr. Andrew Strasser from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

This discovery makes the benefits of e-cigarette doubtful. If you are interested to use e-cigarettes to reduce nicotine addiction, you should think again.