Smoking Increase the Level of Stress


smoking increase stress levelsQuitting smoking gives a lot of advantages, especially for your health. But for a lot of former smokers, the calming effect which they get from smoking is often a motivating factor to smoke again.

However, recent studies state the opposite: smoking increases the level of stress, not decrease it. For smokers, stress only decreases during the gap between one cigarette and the next one.

According to the New York Times, London School of Medicine and Dentistry examined 469 people who tried to quit smoking due to health problems. At the beginning of their efforts, they found difficulty because of stress and believed that smoking can help lower stress levels.

A year later, 41 percent of the respondents managed to stay away from cigarettes. After studying several factors, researchers found that their stress levels decreased up to 20 percent. While other respondents who started to smoke again did not experience a significant decrease in stress.

Researchers believe that patients who started to smoke again suffered from stress because of the urge to smoke tobacco, which can occur many times every day. Meanwhile, those who quit smoking have freedom from the need for nicotine, one of several triggers of their stress.

This study strengthens previous findings which states that smokers suffers from stress between every cigarettes. Stress levels dropped immediately when they choose to quit smoking.