Smoking one cigarette a day, the risk of heart disease increase 3-fold


Quit SmokingIf you still think that only heavy smokers are at risk for heart disease, you are wrong. A study revealed that people who smoke just one cigarette a day also have an increased risk of heart disease that is quite high.

A study by the British Heart Foundation ( BHF ) revealed that people who smoke one cigarette a day has tripled the risk for heart disease compared with those who never smoked. Researchers hope that the results of this study could be a warning against a lot of people who feel safe when they ‘only’ smoke one cigarette a day.

Not only that, the researchers also found that smoking one to four cigarettes a day increases the risk of heart disease and death due to any reason. The risk of developing lung cancer is also increased in women who smoke at least one cigarette a day.

“This study shows that even if you only smoke one cigarette a day, it can still harm you. There is no safe level of smoking I myself was surprised to learn the results of the study” said Dr. Mike Pnapton of BHF, as reported by the Daily Mail ( 26 / 02 ) .

Not only light smokers, passive smokers that gets exposure to cigarette smoke have increased risk of lung cancer, stroke, and heart disease. These results should be a concern for smokers, whether mild or severe.

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