Snacking Almonds Effectively Increases Fertility


Snacking Almonds Effectively Increases FertilityMost people avoid snacking habits, especially at night, because they fear of increasing weight. Actually snacking is not always a bad habit that should be avoided.

Whether your snacking habit is healthy or not, it depends on the type of snacks you consume. If you consume snacks like almonds, then it will be healthy, it could be even very important for your sexual life.

According to the author of SASS Yourself Slim, Cynthia Sass, RD, eating almonds can overcome the problem of infertility among men. This is because almonds contain zinc and selenium that are essential nutrients for reproductive health.

“The content of selenium in almonds may help overcome the problem of infertility. Meanwhile, zinc is a mineral that helps produce male sex hormones and increase libido,” she said, as quoted by Health.

Additionally, eating almonds is also very good for heart health because it contains vitamin E. In fact, Cynthia said that heart health is one of the key factors of a healthy sex life.

“Because the blood flow from a healthy heart is very important for your sex organs. Thus, acquiring omega-3 fatty acids from almonds that are good for heart health is the right choice,” she concluded.