Snake venom can Treat Skin Cancer?


snake venom for skin cancerSurgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy are familiar in the ears of people with cancer. Although highly effective, many patients complain of the side effects of these therapies is like baldness and infertility.

This prompted a team of researchers from Brazil to make alternative cancer treatment, especially skin cancer by using rattlesnake venom extract.

According to researchers, these properties were obtained from a protein called chromatin contained in the venom of one species of a venomous snake native to South America.

The researchers even confirmed that the increased life expectancy of skin cancer patients who were given these extracts can reach more than 70 percent.

“Protein also helps slow the progression of the tumor, including the prevention of the formation of cancer cells as a whole,” said researchers from the Butantan Institute, Sao Paulo, as quoted from zeenews.

This finding can be regarded as a remarkable breakthrough. Because researchers claim to have never found a fact like this before.

They did not know if the chromatin can kill cancer cells but the poison only attack melanoma cells that do not affect normal cells and other healthy cells. Though these proteins can only survive in the cancer tumor within 24 hours.

Even so, researchers claimed to still require further experiments in animals and humans before they can develop this extract into a new cancer drug.

Most important for researchers before testing in humans is synthesized chromatin or producing this protein in the laboratory without the need to extract venom from snakes directly.