Snoring habits increase the risk of stroke


Snoring habits increase the risk of strokeSnoring is a habit that is not trivial and can not be ignored. A recent study revealed that people who have the habit of snoring are more at risk of fatal stroke than people who do not snore during sleep.

These results were obtained after the researchers studied more than 25,000 people. They found that people who snore are more likely to experience blood clots and blockage of blood vessels that can lead to stroke. Not only that, they are also more at risk of heart disease.

“People with sleep disorders such as snoring and sleep apnea have a higher risk of developing heart disease and stroke, and death,” said researchers, as reported by the Daily Mail (07/12).

These results reveal that the dangers of snoring is higher than that known by previous researchers. Experts explain that snorers are more likely to have a stroke doubled compared with those who do not snore.

Even so, it seems that this does not apply to people who only occasional snore or mild type snorers. Researchers argue that this is related to blood flow to the heart and brain affected by disrupted breathing when someone snores.

Researchers suggest that all people should not underestimate snoring or sleep apnea. If you have this habit, you should check with your doctor, because it can also affect your heart health.

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