Soaking in Warm Water is a Drug for Loneliness


warm water soakingEmotion Psychology Journal recently released an interesting research on the relationship of loneliness with warm water. Researchers at Yale University concluded that having a  warm water bath or shower is believed to cure loneliness.

According to the Daily Mail, warm water can be a substitute for a friend. “Social warmth which is lost is replaced with the physical warmth of warm water,” writes Emotion journal. This is what makes a person likes to stay in warm water for a long time.

This research was obtained when the researchers asked the help of 400 volunteers aged 18 to 65 years old. They noted the habits and feelings of a person using who took bath using warm or cold water. Furthermore, researchers connected with a person’s level of loneliness.

Previously, studies from Japan have proven the habit of soaking for 10 minutes in warm water can improve heart health in men and women, help people to conduct a sport test better, and reduce pain.