Soda Drinks & Chocolate Can Detect Malignant Tumor!


Detect Malignant TumorSoda drinks and chocolate that has a high sugar content can be used to detect cancer early because of a malignant tumor.

Research says this is possible because malignant tumors consume more glucose. By adjusting the MRI scanner, the researchers from University College London found the tumor after something sweet is consumed.

This breakthrough would provide a safer and simpler alternative than the scanning tool that has harmful radiation.

“It can be done after consuming sugary drinks, such as cola or fruit juice, or sweet food. We can detect cancer using the same sugar content found in standard sized half chocolate bar,” said senior author Professor Mark Lythgoe, director of the UCL Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging (CABI).

In a study published in the Nature Medicine journal, the team tracked the tumor in mice with colon cancer. This method has also been tested on some cancer patients with early signs of success.

Unlike the scanning technique which requires an injection, the new technique is almost without needles, “you do not even have to give the patient an injection, such sugary foods are absorbed so quickly, so it will be good news for those who do not like needles,” said Professor Lythgoe.

While the scanning machines can damage DNA and cell damage or cell death, but this glucose checks has no side effects.

“So it can be done more often. If a doctor wants to follow up on how the cancer responds to treatment, they can scan the tumor on a weekly basis, or even every day,” he said.

Lead researcher Dr Simon Walker-Samuel, also from CABI, said the newly developed technique using radio waves to magnetically label glucose in the body.

“It can then be detected in the tumor using conventional MRI techniques,” he said. “It’s cheap, a safe alternative method of detecting tumors apart from the existing ones, which require the injection of radioactive material,” he said as quoted from dailymail.