Soft Drinks and Energy Drinks Can Cause Dental Erosion


soft drinks and tooth erotionSoft drinks and energy drinks can cause dental erosion. A research in Australia reveals that a dental erosion epidemic is happening among teenagers in Australia due to the consumption of energy drinks.

According to The West, the Australian Dental Association revealed from the research which was conducted in Australian schools that 68 percent of students had at least one tooth that showed signs of erosion.

Association President, Dr  Liberali Sharon, said that soft drinks and energy drinks are suspected as the main cause of dental erosion due to high levels of acidity.

She said a recent study conducted with the consumer group found that the choice of energy drinks popular in Australia such as Red Bull and V have a higher acid content than most other sodas.

“Acid can damage tooth enamel surface, a process known as tooth erosion. This condition has become  a secret epidemic,” said Dr Liberali. “Unlike tooth decay, which is caused by bacteria, tooth erosion  is caused by chemical attack without the involvement of bacteria.”

Energy drink is a the fastest growing product in the beverage market with sales increasing nearly 20 percent this year.

A government study in Victoria also found that about 80 percent of students aged 12-17 years had regularly consume sugary soft drinks. Ten percent of those consuming three cans of high sugar drinks such as soft drinks every day.