Soft Drinks with Artificial Sweeteners Cause Premature Births


softdrink cause premature birthSoft Drinks which uses artificial sweeteners have negative impact on pregnant women. Recent research shows that consumption of soft drinks increases the risk of premature births.

Pregnant women are expected to be careful when consuming certain foods or drinks, especially carbonated soft drinks containing artificial sweeteners.

Recent research shows, women who drank beverages containing artificial sweetener have high risk for premature birth. The results of this study will be published in the September issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

However, a spokesman for a group of beverage trading company revealed that the research does not show cause and effect and does not need a warning for pregnant women. The researchers themselves say many other studies are still needed before it can be applied in companies.

“We see a positive relationship between consumption of soft drinks containing artificial sweeteners with the risk of premature birth. However, there is no association of soft drink companies are included in this study, “researchers wrote in their conclusion.

This study itself was led Thorhallur I Halldórsson from the Centre for Fetal Programming at Statens Serum Institut in Copenhagen, Denmark. Halldórsson revealed that they observed that there are some indications that high intake of soft drinks with artificial sweeteners may harm pregnant women.

However, further research is needed to prove whether this could be actually proven. Moreover, soft drinks have been circulating in the market since 30 years ago, and one study is not sufficient to strengthen an indication.

“We just need some more research to confirm or reject our findings precisely. However, it is fair to encourage pregnant women to eat healthy food and reduce food and drinks which are not nutritious, “he said.

The results showed that pregnant women who drank one soft drink cans or more a day using artificial sweeteners as much as 38% more, have the possibility of giving birth before 37 weeks than women who never drinks soda.

Meanwhile, women who drank four cans or more a day during pregnancy increased by 78% propensity to give birth prematurely. Because there is no increased risk seen among women taking other sweet drinks, the researchers concluded that the likelihood of premature delivery are caused by artificial sweeteners, not because of the soda.

However, the detail process how or why artificial sweeteners in soft drinks can increase the risk of premature birth remains unclear. Researchers speculate that some artificial sweeteners can be divided into substances that can increase this risk. The researchers collected information related to the consumption of soft drinks.

Among 59,334 women in the Danish National Birth Cohort are in the middle of their pregnancy. They are controlled by the local government so that certain factors which is known able to increase the risk of premature birth, including advanced maternal age, smoking history, and weight before pregnancy may be minimized.

Overall, 4.62% of women in the recent study reported experiencing premature birth and 33.3% of them received a “medically induced” premature birth, which means deliberately induced by physicians to give birth prematurely to protect the health of mothers and infants.

The final results showed, the consumption of soft drinks artificial sweeteners tend to increase the risk of premature birth, before 32 weeks of pregnancy.