Soften your skin with red wine


Several years ago, Konrad Howitz and some friends which is a group of scientists from Harvard Medical School and Biomol, United States, presented the results of their discovery of molecules that can slow the rate of aging of body cells. Molecule called resveratrol. Molecules that dwells in the cup of red wine (red wine).

Molecule that is included in group of poliefenol that can be found in olive oil. According to Konrad and his friends, resveratrol can maintain the fitness of cells in the body 70 percent longer. Resveratrol may inhibit the degenerative diseases of the nerve cells, suppress the growth of cancer cells, and prevent frozen in arterial blood vessels.

The discovery of Konrad and his friends were “only” reinforce what has long been seen in Europe. In France, for example, there is a general belief that people who love to drink red wine live longer. And indeed it proved. People will be old for a long time because of drinking red wine.

In subsequent trips, the red wine used as raw material beauty treatments. It is the red wine treatment spa or called by vinotherapy. This treatment has emerged since 10 years ago in Europe.

Clean and Tight Skin

Red wine with antioxidant content makes skin fresh, moist, overcoming wrinkles and premature aging. The skin will feel very soft, fast, clean and fragrant. The body will become firmer and smoother. Toxins in the body as well quit without causing side effects.

The red wine treatment is suitable for men and women aged over 16 years. But it is not recommended for women who are pregnant and those who are experiencing skin burns from the sun. This treatment is best done once a week or for further treatment once per month and can be done by anyone.