Soursop Tree Extract are Powerful to Treat Cancer


Soursop Tree ExtractFor years, people do not realize that soursop tree extract are effective to cure cancer. The discovery made since 1976 are deliberately stored by pharmaceutical companies  in order to patent the synthesis, but still could not make the synthesis version until now.

Cancer treatment have always been considered expensive and can cause side effects. But a surprising result since 1976 revealed that soursop tree extracts are more powerful to treat cancer.

Soursop is a tropical fruit which has different names. In Spain it is known as guanabana, in portugal it is called Graviola, in Brazil it is called paw paw, Chinese people call it Ang Mo Lau Leen, in India it is called Aathakka pazham.

This amazing discovery was first written in the media in February 2010. According to Healthmad, extract from soursop tree is said to be 10,000 times better than chemotherapy and 10,000 times more powerful in terms of slowing the growth of cancer cells compared with chemotherapy drugs.

Various scientific studies since 1970 indicate that these extracts are effective to fight, target and kill malignant cells of various types of cancer. National Cancer Institute has conducted the first scientific study in 1976, the result shows that stems and leaves of soursop effectively attack and destroy malignant cells.

Based on studies conducted by the Catholic University of the South Korea and published in the Journal of Natural Products states that a chemical compound found in soursop selectively kill colon cancer cells and is 10,000 times more potential to be a chemotherapy drug. In addition, these compounds are known to selectively target cancer cells so it does not damage healthy cells.

While a study conducted at Purdue University recently found that leaves of the soursop tree is very effective for prostate, pancreas and lung cancer.

This amazing discovery were hidden for years so many people do not realize it. This is because big pharmaceutical companies are trying to study the compound to sell synthetic versions. This is because natural sources for drugs could not be patented, but unfortunately the contents of the soursop is not successfully synthesized.

Based on 20 laboratory tests that have been conducted since 1970 as reported by the in April 2010, showed that the extract of this tree is very useful like below.

1. Can attack cancer cells effectively because it does not harm healthy cells, and do not cause extreme nausea, weight loss and hair loss.
2. Having an effective target and can kill malignant cells for 12 types of cancers, including colon cancer, breast, prostate, lung and pancreatic cancer.
3. Protecting the immune system and avoid deadly infections.
4. Feels healthier and stronger during treatment.
5. Increasing the energy in the body.

Various parts of the soursop tree including leaves, root bark, fruit and seeds have been used for centuries by native Indians in South America as a cure for heart disease, asthma, liver disorders and arthritis.