Soy helps women deal with lung cancer


Soy helps women deal with lung cancerFoods made from soy are known to decrease a woman’s risk of developing cancer, as well as help people to survive against certain cancers, according to research.

Chinese researchers found that women who consume more soy foods are less likely to die from lung cancer, which is the number one cancer killer in the world. The findings, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology supports the idea of ??adding more foods made from soy to help keep someone from cancer.

“It seems we need to change and add more soy to the diet which we live. Benefit provided by soy does not stop in heart disease,” said Dr. Jyoti Patel, lung cancer specialist at Nortwestern University, Chicago, as reported by Vitals (25 / 03).

In this study, Gong Yang and colleagues at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Shanghai Center Institute and the National Cancer Institute looked at data from a large study called the Shanghai Women’s Health Study. They studied 444 women who had lung cancer.

Women who consume little soy are known to be more likely to die from lung cancer. While women who consume more soy had a chance of survival by 11 percent. Researchers explained that the consumption of more foods containing soy may reduce the risk of lung cancer by 40 percent in women.

Most women who became participants were smokers. However, there are several causes of lung cancer other than smoking. In Asia, 80 percent of women who are affected by lung cancer are nonsmokers.

Until now, researchers still do not know the possibility of a virus or hereditary factors that cause lung cancer. Researchers suggest that cancer patients consume at least 25 grams of soy per day.

Previous research suggests that supplements containing soy protein sometimes can not provide health benefits. But foods made from soy such as tofu, soy milk can provide greater benefits than supplements.

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