Soy Milk Can Also Prevent Osteoporosis


Soy MilkMilk is known to have good benefits for bones and can prevent osteoporosis. But if the milk comes from soy beans can it also prevent osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a disease where bone density starts to decrease. When someone has osteoporosis, then the connection between bone mineral becomes thinner which causes weak bones and increased risk of fractures (broken bones).

Soy milk is a beverage made from soy beans, some milk is sometimes fortified with calcium, vitamins B, E and D. Now a recent evidence suggests that soy milk can also help prevent osteoporosis.

Soy milk is known to contain healthy isoflavones known as phytoestrogen, which is a chemical compound that shows estrogen-like effects in the human body. Recently, the influence of soy milk to menopausal women was analyzed, according to Livestrong.

Based on research from the Linus Pauling Institute, it is known that estrogen effects of phytoestrogens may help preserve and maintain bone. This result was also revealed in a study conducted by LM Chiechi and colleagues and reported in the ‘Maturity: An International Journal of midlife Health and Beyond” in 2002.

The quality of these phytoestrogens have attracted attention of researchers to use it in preventing osteoporosis and help control bone fracture. Phytoestrogen in soy is believed to have an effect capable of stimulating the metabolism and build bone.

The process of bone building is coordinated by the cells known as osteoblastic, while bone damage is stimulated by osteoclastical cells. Starting from childhood until the age of 20, bone process is dominated by the osteoblastic cells so that bone experience growth.

Helping build bone up to any age and preventing osteoporosis can be done  through diet and exercise. Drinking 2 cups of soy milk every day is enough to help the body build bone and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.