Soybeans Can Cause Infertility in Men


soybeans reduce fertilitySome have claimed that soybeans is a super healthy food, but this may not apply to men. Because soybeans can reduce and interfere with male fertility.

According to Menshealth, men should avoid the consumption of soybeans if they want to remain fertile. This is according to a Harvard study in 2008 showing the relationship between soybeans intake with reduced sperm count.

In the study it is known if someone eats half a serving of soybeans per day will have a 32 percent lower number of sperm per milliliter of ejaculate than men who do not eat soybeans. In addition, soybeans also may lead to early cases of erectile dysfunction.

Another study conducted by Jorge Chavarro, MD, Sc.D and has been published in the Human Reproduction journal in 2008 revealed that a high intake of soy foods including soy milk can reduce sperm concentration. And soybean consumption would cause excessive amount of estrogen hormone that makes men more feminine.

There are also other things you can do to keep lifetime fertility such as attention to diet and exercise, because these two things to reduce fat intake and the amount of excess fat in the body.

A urologist Larry Lipshultz, MD said fatty tissue in the body can interfere with testosterone production, so it slows down sperm production.

Another thing you can do is avoid soaking in a hot or warm water which can damage sperm. This is because sperm produced in the testes are known to have cooler temperatures than other body parts.

Hence the intensity of heat directly received by the testes can cause fertility problems. It is known that soaking for 1-5 hours per week in hot or warm water can lower sperm count.