Speech Therapy is More Effective to Overcome Insomnia


insomniaMany people around the world experience difficulty in sleeping. For people who do not have this health problem, it sounds like something that can be overcome easily, but not for people who has Insomnia.

There are many causes of insomnia, recently it was even known that breast implant leak could cause insomnia. For most people who experience this kind of sleep disturbance, the most common treatment that are known are to overcome it with sleeping pills and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) or that is also known as speech therapy.

Both of these treatments each has its own benefits and risks, but according to experts, they believe that speech therapy say CBT are more recommended than taking sleeping pills.

CBT technique is a treatment of insomnia without using sleeping pills. With the help of a specialist, someone who is experiencing insomnia, learn to create good sleep habits and are taught skills to overcome sleep with anxiety. In the other hand sleeping pills is only useful for short-term.

The researchers stated that speech therapy may be as effective as medication in addressing chronic sleep difficulties. In fact, speech therapy does not only improve the ability to sleep or treat insomnia, but it also makes people healthier and is able to overcome some of the symptoms of depression. On the other hand, recent research also revealed that the use of sleeping pills for insomnia can shorten one’s life.

“There are many benefits of CBT compared to drugs,” said Dr. David Plante, a specialist in the field of sleep, at the University of Wisconsin. “You have long-term benefits despite that you have finished this treatment method that generally can not be obtained when using sleeping pills.”

Based on the information provided by the U.S. National Institutes of Health, it is known that one-fifth of American adults have trouble sleeping every night for days or even weeks. Insomnia can last for weeks and could be a sign of other health problems such as sleep apnea, tired legs syndrome, mental disorders, and drug abuse.

“Chronic insomnia is a public health issue,” Plante said as quoted by LiveScience.

But this does not mean that sleeping pills are useless, although some studies revealed that the use of sleeping pills can be dangerous, some experts say sleeping pills still have short term benefits.

“The use of sleeping pills is needed if a person experience acute stress or sadness, perhaps for a month,” said James Findley, behavioral sleep specialist at the University of Pennsylvania. “But after thatm its use should be reduced gradually.”

So for you how happens to experience insomnia disorders, you should consult your doctor weather you should perform a CBT or speech therapy or you need to take sleeping pills.