Spicy Chili Taste Could Reduce Pain?


chili peppers Health Tips – Capsaicin, the cause of spicy flavor and burning sensation in a chili, opens the way for the discovery of the latest painkiller drugs.

Research shows that capsaicin-like compounds are also found in the human body, especially the parts that hurt. If the production of these molecules in cells can be inhibited, chronic pain will stop automatically.

A number of researchers from the University of Texas, United States, say, when there is an injured body part, the body will be issuing a similar chemical called oxidized linoleic acid metablites (OLAMs) which will be captured by the receptors in the brain as pain.

Dr. Kenneth Hargreaves, senior researcher, and his team tried to examine whether the delivery of these messages can be inhibited. Research on laboratory mouse showed that by eliminating this receptor gene, the body’s sensitivity to capsaicin is reduced. This means the pain will be felt that much.

“This study provides a better understanding of pain mechanisms and how to overcome them,” said Dr Hargreaves. He hopes someday drugs that can reduce pain can be produced, especially pain that is caused by cancer and inflammatory diseases caused by a chili.