Stanly, A 29 Year Old Giant Baby


infantilismIn his workplace, Stanley is a professional in the field of computers. Once the working hours are over and he gets home, the 29 year old man changes drastically from a grown man to be a giant baby.

Stanley directly uses diapers, drink milk through a bottle, fed with meals, play with his favorite teddy bear and lego in the play area. This is what he does whenever he has free time.

As an ‘adult baby’ the man from California receives treatment from his lady friend who once worked as a nurse.

According to the medical, Stanley suffered infantilism, namely a psychological disorder suffered by adults who act like babies or toddlers. The sufferers are often called ‘diaper lovers’ (DL). However, in some cases, this may develop into sexual fetish. That is, when a person obtains sexual pleasure from certain object or condition.

“For most of us, we will relax after work. And I will turn into ‘a baby’ and get rid of all adult things,” he said. Stanley admitted his unique habit has been going on since he was a teenager aged 14 years. He emphasized that this unique habit is not to obtain sexual pleasure.

In the National Geographic TV show, Stanley was presented complete with all his baby gear according to his size. A jumbo-sized baby box made specifically to accommodate his weight which reaches 159 kilogram, a special baby seat, and various baby toys.

He also reveals why he behave like a baby, “I did it just to get love, affection and security at home.”

Stanley added, “Once out of the house I immediately turns into an adult again,” he said, according to the Huffington Post.