Stay Healthy With Yoga


healthy yoga Health TipsThis exercise is known to be powerful to reduce stress, especially when combined with meditation. Experts believe, practicing yoga can help prevent and overcome a variety of diseases. Ranging from back pain to diabetes. Unfortunately, according to data from National Sporting Goods Association, less than 15 percent of women aged 30 years and over who regularly practice yoga.

There are many other health benefits we can get by practicing yoga. Here are four of them:

1. Reduce Back pain
According to a research published in the Spine journal, yoga can reduce pain and depression experienced by patients with back pain. The effect can be felt after their consistent practice twice a week for six months.

2. Cure Asthma
This is the result of a research by the American College of Sports Medicine on asthma patients who routinely underwent 2.5 hours of yoga a week for 10 weeks.

3. Controllable appetite
This is especially for the emotional eaters. After attending the practice of yoga for 10 weeks, they regulate emotion better, so they do not run straight into the food when their mood are not good. The research was conducted by experts from University of the Rockies.

4. Avoid metabolic syndrome
Those who have a high risk for diabetes will experience many benefits when practicing yoga regularly for three months. This activity will normalize the number of BMI, blood pressure, insulin levels, and LDL cholesterol levels.