Stay Slim and Healthy by Swimming


swimming exerciseMost people like to swim. Unfortunately,this fun activity is more often only done while on vacation. In fact, you can get many benefits if you do it regularly.

Swimming is an exercise that can be done at any age or level of fitness conditions of any kind, even stroke patients and pregnant women are also advised to choose this exercise. Making this water exercise as a part of a weight loss program is also a good option.

According to Times of India, fitness expert Deanne Pandey said that swimming is a part of physiotherapy in the water. “Anyone can swim and is also a good way to maintain the condition of the body and burn calories. Calories will easily burn when you swim, because swimming motion work in all muscles, not like regular fitness routines. ”

The theory behind this is the fact that water adds pressure 12 times greater than air, thus requiring more effort to move through the water.

Pandey adds, if the techniques in swimming is conducted properly, this activity is also good for maintaining muscle health. Swimming is useful to build resilience to the respiratory muscles and heart.

Swimming is also believed to be a natural low-risk to injury exercise. Unlike jogging and running, swimming does not provide too much pressure on the muscles and bones of the body. That is why swimming is known as an exercise without risk, especially if you use the correct techniques.

Buoyancy of water is known to support and sustain the body 90 percent, so the water can act more like a cushion and protect you from injury.

In addition, Swimming also have benefits like meditation, because water activity requires focus. You need to concentrate on movement and breathing rhythms. Most importantly, this exercise has a calming effect, so that it could affect therapy to increase stamina.