Stay Young by Walking


Walking Health TipsWant to stay young in a cheap and healthy way? Just take a walk. This happens because by walking, our body cells get enough oxygen and the production of collagen is more active. This is beneficial for the skin because it will maintain the humidity of the skin.

This was the conclusion of a research conducted Kerrie L. Moreau, PhD, a researcher from the University of Colorado. “Sports, such as walking or jogging, can facilitate the circulation of oxygen and blood circulation. With the current of blood, nutrients throughout the skin tissue is not impeded. Smoothness of oxygen and nutrients are two requirements that are important in a collagen production process,” said Moreau.

The study proved that the blood vessels of women aged 60 turned out to be just as healthy with a woman aged 28 as long as we regular take a walk for about 40 minutes a day since we’re young.

The volunteers involved in Moreau’s research have experienced menopause and are undergoing hormone therapy. For women who are not in therapy, walking habit made their blood vessels more elastic than 35 percent of who are not used to walking.