Stomach Acid can Worsen Asthma Symptoms


Stomach acid and asthma seems unrelated, because asthma occurs in the airways while the reflux of stomach acid occurs in the digestive tract. However, in some cases, asthma can get worse when stomach acid rises into the esophagus.

Reflux to the esophagus occurs when the valve connecting the stomach to the esophagus does not close completely. This condition is characterized by pain or burning in your chest and throat.

Because the esophagus lies close to the throat of an airway, it makes sense if the rise of stomach acid can affect asthma. Moreover, Advancements Allergy and Asthma Care (AAAC) data showed 50-80 percent of the 15 million asthma sufferers in the United States also had a history of reflux.

“Because the symptoms of gastric acid reflux is chest pain and heat in the throat, people rarely would have thought if an asthma attack also could indicate reflux of stomach acid,” said Debra Peterson, an AAAC medical practitioner in Minnesotta, United States.

Peterson said the experts can not be sure how they can influence each other, because until now many studies about it are still being developed. However, according to FoxNews, some of these allegations are believed to be able to explain it.

1. Asthma worsen when stomach acid goes up into the esophagus inhaled by the lungs
2. The rise of stomach acid causing the chest cavity to narrow, causing shortness of breath
3. Stimulate gastric acid in the esophagus stimulates the brocheolus nerve (the airways in the lungs) to narrow
4. Conversely, asthma can also trigger reflux because their drugs (bronchodilators) such as theophylline are known to have side effects of increasing secretion.

Peterson added, asthma which is triggered by stomach acid is usually characterized by recurrence during irregular eating patterns, after drinking alcohol and when lying down.

Meanwhile, to ensure the relationship of asthma and gastric acid, scientists from Duke University in North Carolina recently injected acid into the stomach of mice. As a result, elevated levels of gastric acid shown to reduce the immune system so many mice suffered from asthma.