Stop hiccups with these 5 methods!


Stop hiccupsHiccup is not scary or bad thing, but it can be very disturbing. Not to mention,  hiccups are also often difficult to stop. You certainly do not want the hiccup to disrupt your daily activities, especially when doing things that are important.

Hiccups can be stopped with five simple methods. You can even do it at home, as reported by Health Me Up (24/06).

1. Swallowing sugar
One tablespoon of sugar can quickly expel hiccups. Sugar will slightly irritate the throat and adjust the throat so it would stop the hiccups. But unfortunately, until now there has been no studies that clearly patented sugar as hiccups healer.

2. Hold your breath
It’s an old trick. You just have to hold your breath to stop the hiccups. This method is done to disrupt the neural simulation of the brain to the diaphragm, making hiccups stop.

3. Drinking water
Think when you’re sipping water. It will interfere with your breathing process and stop the hiccups. Meanwhile, the way you drink water is actually not so influential. You can drink from a straw, spoon, small glass or large glass.

4. Startled
Scared or startled is able to stop the hiccups. This is because of the shock and fear can affect a person’s breathing and mental. You can try it out when a friend has a hiccup.

5. Acidic foods
Eating acidic foods will interfere with your breathing. Facial expressions that arise when a person feels sour can also help stop the hiccups. Try to eat a lemon, lime juice, or vinegar when experiencing hiccups. These foods can help you.

Those are some ways that you can use to stop hiccups.