Strange addiction, a man likes to eat live scorpions


Makan kalajengkingA man in China suffers from a strange addiction which is that he likes to eat live scorpions. Amazingly, this guy can eat 30 live scorpions in one meal.

Liuqun Li, 58, from China’s Hunan province said his strange habit started when the venomous animal┬ástung him.

“I felt so angry, and then I picked it up and bit its head. It taste (scorpion) was very sweet and tasty, like hotcakes,” said Li, as reported by (28/9).

Interestingly, the Li’s body had become increasingly immune to scorpion venom.

“I still get stung but it gives no effect on me,” he said.

Doctors in China believe that Li may actually be addicted to the chemicals in the venom of scorpions. The sting of the scorpion is often used in medical drugs to treat autoimmune disorders, such as multiple sclerosis.