Strange Phobia, This Woman Fears Toilet Flush


Petrified Ney Decino toilet phobiaAt first her face only turned red, over time she looks pale with a haunting fear. Apparently this woman suffers from a strange phobia: fear of the toilet.

It is Petrified Ney Decino, a young mother who is 20 years old. She experience excessive fear when facing the toilet. More precisely, a dismay when she hears the toilet flush. When she hears the sound, she immediately will run away, and stay away, as far as she could.

Because of this phobia, Ney became afraid to go to the toilet alone. When she wants to go to the toilet, there should be one family member who accompanies her. This irrational fear eventually requires her to find a job located near her home. She feels calm when she is near her family.

But Ney is also aware of the strangeness in her. She does not want this phobia to continue to sink her, and even makes it worse. Currently, Ney along with other colleagues, founded a community or group of phobias on Facebook.

Ney also said that the phobia she suffers had started since she was four years old. Since she watched a movie in the 90s, called ‘Look Who’s Talking Too”, starred by John Travolta and Kirsty Alley.

In the movie there was a scene about the parents teaching their children how to use the toilet. With the character of The Toilet Man, big-eyed and sharp-toothed, this characters often frighten small children who are urinating.

“I’ve been scared ever since. I once wet the bed because I was too scared to use toilets in school,” Ney said, as quoted in Miror.

Therefore, when Ney uses the toilet, she asked for the help of friends or family nearby, to take her to the restroom.

“The sound of water (flush) makes me shudder to the spine. The sound seemed to swallow me up, and then my face turns red when I hear the sound,” said Ney.

For the women who lives in Chruch Village, Mid Glamorgan, the flush sound is like a bad dream in gher life. A wave of water released scares her. Ney prefers traditional toilets. Not only that, Ney also avoids swimming pools, lakes, and beaches.