Stress Can Cause Neck Pain


stress cause neck painA new study shows that the main cause of neck pain that is often experienced by women is stress. If you frequently experience it, perhaps you need immediately is to relax for a moment to relieve stress.

“Stress more commonly happens in women than men. And, apparently neck pain in young women plays a more serious role than in men,” said Anna Grimby-Ekman, posdoktoral student in the Department of Public Health and Medicine Sahlgrenska Academy.

The conclusion was based on a research conducted through a questionnaire distributed to 627 female students and 573 male students in Sweden.

Women respondents admitted to more often suffer from neck and upper back pain due to various indoor activities. Those who experience this problem mainly have a high frequency of activity in front of a computer screen. The neck pain they experience  is thought to be caused by psychosocial factors, including the demands of work and studying.

Anna deliberately conducted the study to prove that neck pain in women is often not only caused by physical work. “By looking at a group whose work involves physical burden, we can more easily identify other factors that could allow the high cause of neck pain in general,” She said.

“We know that physical work lifting heavy loads or work which involves a lot of wrist activity, which affects the work of the shoulder, can cause neck pain,” she added. And her research proved that stress also can trigger neck pain.