Stress Triggers Excessive Eating


Stress cause Excessive EatingA person who is under stress sometimes will try to forget their pressure that they experience by eating a lot.

The idea of the link between stress and eating a lot of has been known for a long time. About two in five people believe that depressed people would eat fatty foods and sweet as much as possible. But, until now scientists have not found a connection.

However, researchers from the United States claimed that the behavior of a lot of eating when depressed occurs because of a stress hormone called ghrelin.

In experiments with rats, a team from the University of Texas examined the levels of ghrelin in rats affected by a variety of stress. The results, published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, mentioned the increased levels of ghrelin occurs when under stress, increases the animal’s appetite.

“In our study, the desire to eat when stressed depends on the signal from the ghrelin hormone,” said study author, Dr. Jeffrey Zigman, according to the Daily Mail. According to Zigman, many people when stress divert it by eating high calorie foods.

Stress has been blamed for the worsening of obesity epidemic. In Britain, half of adults are classified as overweight and almost one in five people are obese.