Stroke can be prevented by eating spaghetti?


Stroke can be prevented by eating spaghettiEnjoy spaghetti or pasta made ??from wheat mixed with a salad can reduce the risk of stroke, according to new research.

Researchers conveyed that eating fiber is capable of preventing a stroke up to seven percent. The sources of fiber can be obtained from whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

In addition to stroke, meeting the needs of daily fiber intake will also keep the body from high blood pressure and lower levels of bad fats.

“Many people underestimate fiber. Though this is one important nutrients. So consumers need a more in-depth education about the importance of fiber on health, such as preventing stroke,” said study lead author, Diane Threapleton, from the University of Leeds, according to the Daily Mail.

Unfortunately, the researchers only found a link between insoluble fiber with a reduced risk of stroke. While soluble fiber does not give any benefit to the risk of stroke.

Soluble fiber itself can be found in oatmeal, peas, and beans. While insoluble fiber which plays a role in digestion include whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Therefore, if you like spaghetti or pasta, choose ones made ??from wheat. Because the higher the fiber intake, the lower the risk of stroke.

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