Stroke Symptoms Are Less Known


Stroke Symptoms Health Tips As one of the largest causes of death, stroke symptoms are less known by the public. In a survey of 1000 patients with stroke, nearly 70 percent did not know they had  stroke.

Before getting stroke, the body actually gives a signal in the form of a mini stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA). TIA or mini stroke occurs when blood vessels are temporary blocked which slows the blood flow to the brain. TIA does not cause permanent brain damage, so treatment of this condition can reduce the risk of a serious stroke.

In general, mini-stroke have symptoms of loss of balance (like vertigo), unable to recognize parts of the body, double vision, temporary paralysis on one side of the body, or speech disturbance.

In England, mini-stroke symptoms are not widely known. From a survey of 1000 patients with TIA, the majority do not realize they were hit by a mini stroke. Most patients also did not immediately seek medical help when they suffered a mini stroke, primarily because the symptoms are temporary and would disappear.

In fact, complications from a stroke can still be reduced if patients get immediate help. Effective handling should be less than four hours after a stroke.